PPTP server on MAX BR1

Hello There, Is there any possibility to have a PPTP server on the MAX BR1 3G/LTE products? We bought two pieces of this product that perfectly fit our hardware requirements but we need to give access to the hardware plugged behind to our technical guys on the move! Today we have 80 controllers we control remotely but with unsecured connexion (DynDNS type). We want to propose this controller to all of our customers but as the number of machines will increase a lot, we need to secure those remote accesses with a minimum of security. Thank you for your answer. Best regards, Aventurier.

MAX BR1 does not support PPTP server. You can consider to use PepVPN to build the network-to-network type VPN between the locations and NOC.

Hello Aventurier,

We will be supporting PPTP servers on the MAX BR1 in Firmware 6.1.2, which we aim to release in Q2 2014. Please note that some cellular providers do not provide public IP addresses. Without public IP addresses, PPTP will not work. Thus, the best solution would be to install FusionHub at your NOC, and form a PepVPN connection with the BR1s.

Best Regards - Alan

Hi Lads,

Glad to hear it will be included in a next version!

I know we can “centralize” everything at our NOC but we don’t want to increase the bandwidth and we want to make some savings on our cellular plans and not keeping alive more than needed a connection with the remote machines.

BTW, thank you both of you for your replies.

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Hi Aventurier,

Here is the trial special build for BR1 6.1.1s14 with PPTP server enabled. Please try and let us know if this fits your need.


Hi Eddy,

Thank you for this very quick answer!

I will keep you posted with all our tests.

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Hi Eddy,

First tests:

No Cellular connection available with this firmware (6.1.1s14 build 1547).
When I reboot with the last one (6.1.1 build 1524), no problem at all.
For our purpose, we need an active cellular connection to test the PPTP server feature.

I disable the AP functionalities and the WIFI led is still blinking (slowly) and it changed nothing to the cellular part (No device detected).

Any clue?

Thank you for your support.

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Hi Aventurier,

Let’s try with MAX BR1 firmware 6.1.1s19 build 1553.


Hi Herman,

Thank you for the new firmware but each time a sim card is inserted, the router reboots itself (the fisrt LED turns red). When no sim card inserted, no problem, the router is running fine.

At the beginning, it seamed everything went right, I don’t know if it’s linked or not to the problem but I think it was in 2G. Now, in 3G (I guess, because I’ve seen it working just 2 sec), the router is in a reboot loop.

Keep going!

Thank you.

Best regards,


Aventurier, can you please submit support ticket here? So that we can go further for troubleshooting.

Did this feature make it into 6.1.2? I saw the beta announcement, but no mention of PPTP in the release notes.




6.1.2 (beta as well) includes PPTP Server on the BR1.