PPTP Server Connection Issues

We use a Peplink Balance 380 running firmware 5.4.10 build 3072.

Remote users access local network resources via the PPTP service.

This works well most of the time, but when users are out and about and try to get a connection via wireless at places such as Starbucks, McDonalds etc they usually fail to connect.
Also, users with Verizon “hotspot” cards fail to connect.

Otherwise, these users have no trouble with conventional internet browsing.

Are there settings I should look into on the Balance, or on the remote users PC’s that will allow more reliable PPTP connections?


Hi Bill,

Base on the description given, look like this is more on the remote end internet access issue. You may need to further check whether PPTP traffics are allowed for such public WIFI access place.

Regarding to the Verizon “Hotspot”, you may need to test using other connection for the same device. If the PPTP connection manage to get connected, you may need to further verify with Verizon for the issue.

Thank You

Hello - Thanks for the reply.

My remote users generally have no problems when connecting via the PPTP service from their home and other places. When trying to use certain public WiFi, such as at a Starbucks, it fails to connect. It also fails when using a Verizon “Hot Spot” cellular card.

It seems like the PPTP traffic is being blocked somewhere. Does Verizon not allow certain ports or protocols?
What would I need to tell Verizon to get help to resolve this type of problem?


Hi Bill,

I think the tested info you mentioned above allowed you to make a complaint to Verizon.

We not sure what ports being blocked by Verizon. Please verify with them.

Hope this help.