PPTP and/or OpenVPN Client in Peplink Balance20

I see recently that a IPSec vpnclient has been added. Can we also get PPTP and/or OpenVPN client on Peplink Balance20

I think that for PPTP we shouldn’t dream too much for commercial reasons but for openvpn, nowaday whatever little switch/router/wifi box is capable for handling it. Moreover, regarding my tests it’s quite more faster than IPsec.

So +1 for OpenVPN

+1 for OpenVPN

+1 for both PPTP and OpenVPN

PPTP already there

I don’t see PPTP client available as an option anywhere. Just a PPTP server.


Yes once you have enabled PPTP Server you will then be able to create PPTP Client Usernames/Passwords accounts for remote users to use to PPTP VPN in.

No, what we’re asking for is a client on these boxes so that they can automatically connect to a remote PPTP/OpenVPN server, just like they do with PepVPN or IPSec. There would have to be NAT involved, since it’s not a network to network connection, but that’s no different than normal.

Any news on this topic?

PPTP client and/or OpenVPN client is something we get requests for quite regularly.
I’m not talking about the remote user access feature.

PPTP client and/or OpenVPN client besides just IPsec client would be a good addition.

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