PPPoE Schedule



I would love for there to be a feature per WAN link where we can do a day/time based schedule to dial different PPPOE sessions.
Many ADSL connections offer different bandwidth at different times of day and this feature would make life a lot easier.

Tyron Fourie



This is a hot feature request. We are looking into this and to be support in future firmware release.

Thank you.



I see now with 6.3.0 you can schedule but it doesn’t seem to fit my need?
Is there a way I can do this with the new firmware?



Are you looking at multiple PPPoE account that you need the scheduler to run base on times ?

Thank You


Yes on the same WAN interface.


Hi Tyron,

Possible to let us know the service provider name & country that offer such subscription service ? Such subscription service rare to us.

Thank you

Hi Members,

Any other looking at the same feature ?

Thank You