Poynting 7in1 disappointment

hi Everyone
we just upgraded our RV so I setup my MAX TRANSIT DUO with the Poynting 7in1. The install went well but I was very disappointed with the antenna performance. I had 25MB download speed with the tiny antennas from pepwave attached and only 6MB after with the roof mounted 7in1. Can you please advise on anything I should check To improve the performance of the poynting 7in1 ?

Interesting. I wonder if you are getting more noise with the higher gain external antenna.

Look at the cellular modem details after speedtesting both with and without the external antenna connected. Screen grab the signal measurements, cell ID and band information you see in both cases and share that here.

so many possible variables. were you connected to the same cell tower and bands when you tested?

The performance tested using WIFI ?