Powering PepWave Max BR1 Mini from a portable power bank

I’d like to explore making PepWave a bit more portable and be able to leave it in the truck powered, w/o bothering with running 12V, and being able to not have it hooked up to power all together at times.

I thought of using a basic power bank used for phones, but looks like it requires 12V, but I believe USB is 5V. Are my options to only use those that can power laptops? Those tend to be a bit more bulky, although the power requirements of the Mini (posted somewhere on this forum) are fairly low (3-8W)

i think pretty much any 12v battery or power source will do. many options. you can plug it into cig lighter on your truck. or get a small 12v battery, like what they put in alarm panels for backup power. or a 12v power bank. etc

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As mystery says - the easiest way is to find a small 12V lithium pack like this one or similar. https://www.amazon.com/TalentCell-Rechargeable-12000mAh-Multi-led-indicator/dp/B00ME3ZH7C/

Since the BR1 MIni spec says a max of 12W, you could buy a USB to DC barrel boost adapter which you could use on a good quality 5V 2,4A output usb battery bank to convert USB @5V to 12V DC for the mini.



Thanks, I did not know step-up cables existed…
Definitely opens up a possibility of pretty much using ANY modern/high output USB power pack, else I was looking at 12V stuff most of which was 25000mAh-50000mAh, and I think a smaller will do…

Now just need to find something with pass through so it can act as UPS while at home and charging

I use the GM322 when I need a mini UPS - import them into the UK by the pallet load - great little devices. Here is a US link.


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You mean something like this?


I’ve used GM322 on a few recent trips, and it lasts about 12 hours (maybe a little more)