Power System for truck installation

Looking to install a Pepwave Transit Duo and exterior antenna in my 2019 Nissan Titan Pro4XD. Plan to install router behind drivers seat.

Would like to power the comm equipment for 72 hours on a dedicated “house bank” much like an RV and only use the truck’s electrical systems while it’s running.

What is the best approach to do this?

I’m considering installing a dedicated Li battery, a charger for it that plugs into the truck, and possibly a small solar panel trickle charger. The truck has USB, cigarette, and 110v outlets available while it’s underway.

Any suggestions welcome and appreciated!

For an ‘off the shelf solution’ - > Portable Power Stations - Lithium-ion NMC & LFP | Goal Zero Yeti Line

I use the Yeti 6000X and power multiple Peplink devices via 12V DC (in addition to the rest of my campervan electrical)

You could use one of the smaller units, and power the Max Transit via DC or just USB for simplicity.

Hi. In addition to what @erickufrin suggested, I’ll mention that we’ve used these with good success. Very tough and reliable.