Power cycle modem? I mean, really cut off power and get the power back on?

I have a PepWave MOTG unit with SpeedFusion (bonding still not in use, the hub will be set up soon). However, I already have a problem using it - the only modems I can use are notorious for getting stuck in such a way that they have to be power cycled to respond again. Usually it’s a few days to a few weeks between getting stuck, but I have one that consistently gets stuck within a couple of hours that I use for testing.

Until now this has not been a problem, as there was always a person able to do the power cycle, but this unit needs to go to a remote location where no one will be able to service it.

My question is: Is there a way to tell the pepwave to power cycle the modems? When I say “power cycle”, I really mean “power cycle”, as in “cut off the power, wait at least 1 second, put the power back on”. Just software reset does not help. In fact, even rebooting the PepWave does not help - as long as the modem keeps getting power, it remains stuck (and would not even be detected after reboot). However, as soon as power gets cut and restored, all is well for a while again.


Actually MOTG will do power cycle automatically on the modem if lost connection. Power cycle means will cut off the power (less than 1 second) then reproduce the power to modem.

I have moved your post to Feature Requests for the team take consideration.

Thank you. I have not seen the modem lights flicker when that happens, and the modem remains stuck. Either less than 1 second is not enough to drain the modem of power (possible), or for some reason my MOTG doesn’t even try. I can’t see any notice about retrying or power cycling in the event log; Should I see a note about it? Something about how the MOTG detects this modem is off: When the modem gets stuck, it is NOT removed from the list of available modems, even though the MOTG does not try to reconnect. After rebooting, the modem will not be listed however. Taking it out for a second and putting it back in is enough to make everything work again.


We do not log power cycle in the event log but we can trace from the diagnostic report. I do recommend to open ticket here.