POTS Adapter- Convert Your POTS to VoLTE (for US region)

POTS Adapter

Squeeze this tiny device into any deployment with hard-to-maintain Plain Old Telephone Systems (POTS), alarms, elevators, or communications systems.

It will instantly convert them to scalable, manageable, cost-effective VoLTE infrastructure, with minimal power consumption.

Meet the POTS Adapter.

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It is unclear if the Voice component can be configured by pointing the FXS ports to a SIP server of our own, or if this is locked down to cellular voice only. None of the wholesale SIMs we purchase have voice capability so this would not work for us if it relies on cellular voice.

Hi Ricardo,

currently we support only VoLTE. There are plans to suppose SIP in the future as well.

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I feel I need one of these even though I don’t know how I could utilize it, yet. Do the resellers have pricing on these units yet?

We have pricing and when I checked a couple of weeks ago our distributor had stock. Send me a PM if you’d like more information. - Rick

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