Possible WAN/LAN IP class conflict?

Hi there,
I have finally started testing my Peplink balance One!

One problem I am facing:

the router is assigned to LAN IP /, however one of the 3 WANs has DHCP set tin the same class 192.168.1.xxx; if this WAN is plugged in the router will not work. Is it possible that LAN/WAN must stay on separate class? If so, why?

Yes, the LAN subnet needs to be different then the WAN connections. Otherwise it will not be able to route correctly. I suggest using a different LAN subnet such as 192.168.100.x or something.

Thank you TIM. Just one question from an acadameic point a view:
is this a common issue with routers or is this a peculiarity of the balance One?

Thanks again, you are an amazing team!

I thinkthis article explainsperfectly why it is not possible!

Thanks agian, I will change class of one of the two subnets!


No problem, you should be all set once you change one of the two :up: