Possibility of Using WAN ports for ISP

Good day, im using the new Balance One with 2 WAN ports and i have two ISP with the same bandwidth. I tried to use the WAN port, but, i can’t get any signal from LAN or even the wifi. is there a possibility that i can use WAN ports for my ISPs? Hope i can get help, thank you.

Please provide your connectivity. Do you have a static assigned IP or DHCP address assigned for your WAN IPs?

How are you connecting your laptop to the router? If you are trying Wifi, did you buy a balance One with Wifi? Not all of them do. The ones without are labeled Balance One Core.

Wan ports will be labeled 1 and 2. LAN ports are 1-8. I am assuming this router is at factory defaults. If you bought it used, I would suggest resetting the router back to defaults by sticking a paper clip in the reset hole for ten seconds.

You should be able to plug an Ethernet cable into your laptop/desktop and then into the router. Open up a browser to Make sure your laptop is set to receive an address via dhcp. Once logged into the router, you can start configuring your wan links.

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Thank you for a quick response. Sorry for lack of info.
My Balance One is new and it has WAN 1 and WAN 2, LAN1 to LAN8. My IP is dynamic.
I’m getting connections both wifi and LAN, if my ISP is connected to LAN1. But if my ISP is connected to WAN, I’m not getting any signal. Is there a possibility that my ISPs can be connected to WAN?

Your ISP should be connected to WAN. It sounds like you need to configure some PPOE settings in the Peplink.

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