Possibility of SIM reset

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Before inserting the new SIM card, you should wait till the dashboard indicates “No SIM Card Detected” and then insert the new SIM card.

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I believe the reason for this request is that your system works with a SIM emulator and the physical SIM is present in a SIM server rack – correct?

Yes, right.

This seems like an extremely rare use case. Can you describe the application in more detail?

It is planned to reach global coverage without heavy roaming costs.
So if you drive to another country, the SIM gets changed due to your GPS coordinates.
And to minimize the administration-efford this would be the last puzzle-piece to get this finally implemented.

This is well noted, Mlutz, although this cannot be done with the current firmware, we are considering to provide a way to reload SIM anytime on Web Admin Dashboard in future firmware release, please stay tuned.

For now, I’m assuming that your HD2 is a 3G version and is using firmware 5.4.9, you can try:

  • Go to Web Admin Dashboard, click the “Details” button next to the Cellular WAN that you want to reload the SIM.
  • Select different “Network Mode”, say, Verizon, then click Save and Apply.

  • The cellular module will now reset and after a short while, you’ll see “Device Detected”/“Connecting”.
  • Now open the “Details” panel again and select “HSPA” for Network Mode this time, then click “Save and Apply”.
  • The cellular module will reset, again, and now it should read your new SIM well.


However, for HD2 LTE version, there is no simple way to reset the cellular module (reload SIM) without removing the SIM card for current firmware version (v6.0.X), please stay tuned to future firmware release, we are working to address this request.


I hope this help, let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile: