Ports shifted over on Balance

Had an interesting issue over the weekend. One of our balances went offline, and we could not get it to ping even after several reboots. I noticed on the display as well, some of our DHCP WAN connections were getting the wrong ip addresses. Ip addresses that the wan to the left of it should be getting. So through experimenting, I figured out, all the ports (Lan and Wan), have shifted to the right one port. So Lan, is now Wan1, Wan1 is now Wan2, and Wan2 is on Wan3 port. The Lan port doesn’t seem to light up with any activity.

My guess is the Lan port died, and the balance saw this and migrated ports to working port? Is this assumption correct, or is some trickery happening?

What do you mean by “could not get it to ping”?
Obvious question: was the router protected by either a surge protector or a UPS?

We couldn’t ping the Peplink Balance from computers connected to the lan network. (These were connected to the lan port on the Peplink Balance.

Out entire rack is protected by UPSs, and our Primary connection is fiber. The only thing that is not protected per say, is the copper comcast line that comes in for our secondary connection. But that connection / modem had no issues during this time. Was just the LAN port.

@proskater123 Please open a support ticket here in order for us to take a closer look for you.

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