Portal TO SET APN??

Call me the dumbest person in FL right now… I cannot get to the Dashboard to set my APN. I’m literally so frustrated. Any Help would be greatly appreciated. Is it an actual site? I pop in the, but that takes me to a slew of other pages. I log onto main web page for Mobile Must haves & don’t see a Tab saying it… Gawd.

No, you’re not dumb. Let me see if I can help. You don’t say exactly which model you have but for the MAX routers it’s pretty much the same thing. Try this:

  1. Log onto the GUI of the router. It’s at if you have not changed it.
  2. Once logged on go to Details – click on the button I’m showing below with the green arrow.
  3. Then, go down to were I’ve shown here. If Auto won’t work you’ll have to check
    “Custom” and type your APN in the APN box.
  4. Scroll sown to the bottom of the same screen and hit “Save and Apply.”

I’ve shown a common example for AT&T. Your carrier and setting may well be different.

Does that work?

I’m in a campground. I look up just to get to it. I cannot get to any page that looks like your screenshots where it says: Dashboard Speed fusion … nothing.
I have my APN and no, I haven’t changed anything since I cant get to the start page.
Honestly, I paid $99 for set-up access help. This is ridiculous since I can’t call anyone; they said I’d get instructional & also paid $1800.00 for this bundle, Not happy. When finally getting response to an email I was told they could do it on their end. This isn’t my idea of support by constant emails. Sorry to sound so sour Rick.

Here is some useful information to review:

Where to submit a ticket and a lot of other useful information

Device setup/Primer

User manual

Geee, I hate to hear of stories like this. Frankly, the very first thing I woudl do is pound on Mobile Must Have and ask for some help. In addition to the advice that @Jonathan_Pitts has given you (with which I completely agree), please make sure your computer is connected to a LAN port of your router. You’ll never find that page if, for example, you are connected to campground wi-fi. The screenshots I showed you are pages generated from within the router – not on the internet.

If you are so inclined, I will be happy to try & help you over the phone. I live & work from my RV full time and I’m somewhat familiar with what I assume your needs will be with the Peplink device.
As Rick pointed out, you will need to connect a PC to the LAN port of the Peplink device with an Ethernet cable (that’s the easiest way).
If you will PM me (private message me by clicking on my user name), I can give you a call, or, I can give you my phone # and you can call me.

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