Port Triggering

There is a port forwarding option but no port triggering.

Thanks for the feature request. Could you please share with us how we want to be using it? We want to better understand user application.

I need that option for replying to Identd requests on port 113. This is commonly used with IRC networks. For example it should have the settings as follows Trigger port: 6667 Forward port 113. Now if any system on the network connects to an IRC server on port 6667, the router will temporarily forward port 113 to that machine. The attached screenshot shows how it’s done in ddwrt firmware.

Ummm… I tend to believe port triggering has been replaced by uPnP.

I have done some searching and I believe IRC client is one of the few who don’t have uPnP support. Probably because they lost traction when uPnP became dominant a couple of years ago. I see uPnP remain a popular feature request for most IRC clients though.

Let’s hear more from the community.

Personally I don’t quite like uPnP because malware infected machines can use it to open ports. There might be ways to prevent that but I haven’t looked into that. I always disable uPnP on my routers.

I see where you are coming from. Port triggering will be on the feature request list - I am trying to gather more use case to move up its priority.

Any news about port triggering? I just updated to 5.4.7.

Quite a number of features we are working on right now for the next firmware so port triggering is still on the feature request list. We will try to fit this in where we can.