Port Speed settings on old Balance 78A3 dual WAN router

Need some help. We are using a Balance 78A3 router on a gigabit etherner LAN connecting to a 200 Mb Spectrum service and are only getting 9x Mb internet speeds. I tried setting the router’s port speeds 1 Gbps Full Duplx but it never comes back after I apply the settings. It is only working at 100 Mbps. There is also a backup T1 connection (another ISP) set up on the 78A3 as well. Why can’t the Balance 78A3 connect at our full 200 Mbit speed?

What am I not seeing?


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What Balance model are you using? 9Mbps is a weird speed - how are you measuring it?
There can be weird incompatibilities sometimes between the balance WAN and the ISP routers, if you had a small gigabit switch to put between them to test with that might be useful.

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LOL. I meant 90 odd megabits so I used a “x”. Sorry. Our Internet connection is provisioned for 200 Mbps but we are getting in the neighborhood of 90 plus. The WAN configuration is set for 100 Mbps so I am concluding that we are pinching throughput at 100 Mbps? When I set the router’s WAN for 1 Gbps Full duplex it does not come back on line. My thinking is that set at 1Gbps FD we would be able to experience maximum transfer rate? The router is plugged into the ISP (Spectrum) modem which should also have a 1Gbps port. Any ideas.


Try a switch and/or log a ticket. Also still not sure which Balance model it is? The model and hardware revision (both found on the status page) would be useful to know.

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Thanks for your response. So, the Model is Peplink Balance 20 on a Balance 78A3.
Hardware revision: 1
Firmware: 8.0.2 build 3667
PepVPN version 8.0.0

As for the switch, I believe we are plugged into a small 8 port switch in order to route the various IP addresses etc. So Peplink to switch to modem.

The throughput limit of a Peplnk Balance 20 hardware revision1 is 100 Mbps.


So . . . the 1000 Mbps setting in the WAN cfg menu is for the LAN port not the router’s WAN connection . . . ?

Sounds like my client needs to finally upgrade his router? What would YOU suggest.

They are a small office with basic needs so taking that in consideration is there a ‘next step up’ choice by Peplink?

Thanks for youe help.


As 1 data point… I replaced a Balance 20 after 8 years of continuous use, when It was hitting a 97Mbps limit constantly with a Balance One.

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