Port Setting when using WAN port as additional LAN port on MAX Transit series

Hello Peplink Engineering,
We have a need with the MAX Transit DUO to be able to use the two LAN ports with different VLANs (working with the option of the WAN being changed to a LAN).

We have an existing support ticket [Ticket #771798], this was the original request.

We are after your assistance to be able to on the LAN ports when the WAN port is being used as additional LAN port to have the ability to set the Port Type and also the assigned VLAN.

This is what we see on a balance router

This is what we see on a MAX Transit router

Both of the above images are taken from devices with firmware version 7.0.0 running, you can see the option on the balance for the Port Type & VLAN.

Appreciate your assistance,
Marcus :slight_smile:


would be really useful if this goes to the applicable MAX models as well.

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