Port Security

Is there away to do the same as Cisco ‘switchport port-security’ on a peplink switch? the violation ‘shutdown’ is what I am after. So that only 1 MAC can transmit on the port at 1 time but the user is free to unplug and plug in any number of new laptops but only 1 MAC transmit. The use case is that a user cannot bring their router, switch or AP and plug it in to my switch and ‘expand’ the 1 port they have.


Hi Marty,

They do not currently have this feature in the Peplink switches, so you’d probably need to make a feature request out of this post.

Bear in mind that this type of config won’t really stop people plugging in a typical “router” given it would likely be doing NAT on its WAN interface and you’d only ever see the one MAC address at L2 which would be the MAC of the routers WAN interface.

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Good point on the router. Thanks, will do