Port Redirection between WANs - Balance 305

Hi…I have just received my Balance 305 and getting ready to deploy it. It will use the Drop-In mode with a high speed WAN1 and a slower (bonded T1s) WAN2. WAN1 has 16 available I/Ps and WAN2 has 2. I already have a firewall that handles all of the I/P redirection (some by PORTs (services) others by source I/P address. All but one of these redirections are on WAN1, so it looks like using Drop-In mode will be the way to go, as it will pass the WAN1 I/P address to the firewall for correct processing. The only problem I foresee is that I have one device on the outside that connects via an I/P on WAN2. It uses unique ports and comes from a static public I/P address. Can an inbound rule be written that would redirect from WAN2 to WAN1? From their, the other firewall can redirect from WAN1 (either by public I/P or specific PORTS and/or incoming WAN1 I/P) to the correct server internally. Any other suggested solutions??? beside reprogramming the outside device to connect to an I/P on WAN1 instead of WAN2? Thanks - Jeffrey

If you have additional public IPs on WAN2 you can do a 1-1 NAT map to any one of the firewall’s outside IP addresses. You also have the option to configure inbound services to forward specific ports to your firewall. Drop-in mode is an easy to way to deploy the Peplink if you have an existing firewall.