Port Mapping and Firewall Rules

I am trying to set-up remote access for a client to their server, but we want to use another port to map to port 80.

When I forward wan port 80 to server port 80 in my Balance 710 and allow this in my firewall rules, access is granted.

I tried to set this to port map from 8050 to 80, and changed my firewall rule to allow any access to port 8050, I am getting a refused to connect error on the web page.

Is there something simple that I may be overlooking? I know the access should work since I am able to access from the straight 80 port.

Inbound Access > Services
Inbound Service:
Protocol: TCP
Port Mapping: Port 8050 Map to: 80
WAN 3 selected. Server selected.

Firewall > Access Rules
WAN Connection: WAN 3
Protocol: TCP
Source: ANY / Port: ANY
Destination: ANY / Port: 8050

Default is to Deny at bottom of list.