Port Forwarding with camera not operational

I am trying to setup port forwarding on my pepwave with an Axis camera, so that I can view it remotely. The camera is addressed When I punch in my external IP address with port 80 at the end (i.e. http://173.120.128.xxx:80) I am directed to the modem login page instead of the camera? Any idea what I have done wrong?

Peplink uses port 80 by default which supersedes the port forward. Go ahead and change the Balance to something else and that ideally should solve things.

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I’m not sure what you mean by balance. But I have found an additonal issue. I am not able to access the unit at all if I am on a different network. I cannot ping or reach the external IP address at all. Is there a firewall rule that I am missing?

Cellular providers by default give you a private, non routable, IP address. This means that if you try to ping the IP, remotely access a device like the Peplink, or port forward to a device like a camera connected to the Peplink, it won’t be possible.

In your case there are two things you need to do. First, as Jason mentioned, log into the System tab of the router and change the Web Admin Access to LAN/WAN, to open up the web interface to the outside. Second, change the Web Admin Port to something other than 80 which is the default port. For example, change to 8888, and you would then login to the router from the LAN via

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 9.34.08 AM

Next, and this is the frustrating part, you need to reach out to your cellular provider and request they provision your SIM card with a public static IP address. This will give you a routable connection to your Peplink, and via port forwarding, anything connected to it.

Depending on your cellular provider, they may charge a monthly fee for this service, or a one time setup fee, or convert your account to a business account from consumer. Either way, this is the most critical component.

If you were using a land line provider like a Comcast for example, you wouldn’t have this problem and you would have inbound access to the router via its IP, even if it was dynamic, or you could use a service like Dyn to access the router via a URL like gotomyrouter.com etc.

Hopefully this helps!

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