Port Forwarding - what did I do wrong ?

I have a remote power switch that I want to access and control via the internet and my Chrome Browser. It is connected to a fiber internet link 206.xxx.xxx.20 and the PepWave is set up for 192.XXX.XXX.41 to the switch unit. I have protocol set at TCP and the Port as “Port Mapping” and I am mapping it to Port: 50041 and the Map To: 80 for the Chrome browser. The Inbound IP is the 206.XXX.XXX.20 (Interface IP) and down at the bottom The Server IP Address is 192.XXX.XXX.41

I think I set it up right so I can in the browser use http://206.XXX.XXX.20:50041 to get to the power switch. But it’s not working

Any suggestions as to what I did wrong ??? TIA


What you have said sounds right.

So it looks like this?
206 x x x > [Pepwave 192.168.x.x] > [Power Switch 192.168.x.41]
Are you firewall rules ne the pepwave default (Any:Any:Allow)?
Does the power switch have a default gateway set as the Pepwave LAN IP?

What is the connection type? Is it cellular? If so are you sure your provider allows inbound traffic?

You could use Peplink InTouch for this:

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I will double check those items - It’s a wired connection (network) from the PepWave LAN to the power switch. I have fiber coming into building and 30 assigned static IP’s from local telco provider.

Thanks for response

Nope - Martin, didn’t find anything and it is still not forwarding. If I do a port scan it shows port 50041 as Closed. Is there another place in this Pep Wave Surf SoHo where I must open these unusual port addresses?