Port Forwarding - Outbound

I have a Transit Duo out in the field (really on my bench for testing) that I’ve connected my local Balance SDX Router to via a Speedfusion Tunnel. The Transit Duo is running it’s own LAN so the IP address out in the field are in an entirely different subnet than my Balance SDX. I’ve found tons of info on inbound port forwarding (Transit Duo to Balance) but say I want to port forward back out (Balance to Transit Duo), how would I go about doing that? I looked in Outbound Policies, but that seems to require that my local network know the IP address assigned out in the field which I’m trying to avoid to keep things less complex. What I’d like to do is hit my Balance Router LAN Interface on a specific port and have that forward to a device on my Transit Duo network on a specific port. The Balance knows those IP addresses so I think it should work, I just can’t seem to find the right spot to set it up. I was working with just doing this with a L2 tunnel, but with these devices out the field, I liked the more granular control I can achieve with the L3 tunnel and custom policies. Thanks…

To do that, you’d create a NAT speedfusion profile on the SDX for the transit. WHen the speedfusion tunnel connects the tunnel itself gets assigned an IP from the LAN of the SDX. Then on the transit you can port forward from the natted ip address:

Why? Just use the LAN IP of the device directly.

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That makes sense. I think I’m making it harder than it needs to be. As for the second part, once the Transit is a local IP, you’re right, that’ll be totally unnecessary. Thanks for the insight.

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