Port forwarding on a per-WAN-IP basis?

I have 2 WANs with a total of 6 static IPs between them.

Is it possible to set up port forwarding that pays attention not only to the Port, but to the IP address as well?

Basically, I’d like to run port 80 web servers for two different IP addresses reachable on the WAN side, but have those ports forward to different machines on the LAN side.


Yes. you will add the additional public ips to each of the WANs. Once done you will define the servers (inside devices) and then go to services/port forward. You will define the port (80) and you will need to choose which public ip you want to route it too. So yes you can have 2 public ip’s over port 80 to that one inside device.

But if I have two different web servers, and I want each one to answer to port 80, but from a different WAN IP address - is this possible?


WAN : xxx.xxx.xx.100 port 80 forwards to LAN IP
WAN : xxx.xxx.xx.101 port 80 forwards to LAN IP

This is no problem, just need to make 2 rules.