port forwarding (macbook to imac)

Hello community,
we are using balance 710 and on inbound policy I have set up a server, my Imac, and a service pointing to it. My goal is getting able to access it from home via macos screensharing.
protocol used tcp
port left “any” I tried with 5900 too
picked up a wan with a fixed IP and then my Imac as a server
Screensharing is allowed on my imac
on my macbook, I go on screensharing and type IP:5900 but still can’t access it
Do you have an expanation to it ? Thank you

Could you share screenshots of your config for this - I’m sure you have it correct but it is always useful to sanity check things :slight_smile:

If the rules are correct you may want to also check your firewall config, default is to allow anything inbound but if that has been changed to deny you would need to add an explicit rule to permit this traffic.

If you don’t see anything in the logs at that point it would probably be worth hitting the hidden support page on the GUI and grabbing a packet capture so you can check the traffic is even hitting the expected WAN interface.

Even if it is set to permit any on default you could add a rule similar to the following example with the “event logging” option ticked - this would then show connection attempts in the system logs on your Balance.

Personally I would also very strongly suggest you do not simply expose raw RDP type protocols like this to the public internet, instead consider setting up the VPN server on your Balance for remote devices to connect to - this is pretty straight forward and the built in IPSEC client on MacOS can be used.