Port Forwarding Issue and more on Balance20


Hi there,

I have a Peplink Balance20 running 8.0.0, and am having all sorts of strange issues. It was previously running 7.something firmware and I updated hoping it might help but it did not.

WAN1 - Static connection from Xplornet with publicly addressable IP
WAN2 - DHCP from Xplornet (different satellite) with NATTED IP

I am trying to port forward certain port connection that come in on WAN1, the static publicly addressable IP. Just to test the forwarding I am attempting RDP. I have the firewall logging, and I can see the accepted connection in the event log. However, despite my triple checking I am sending it to the right internal IP, my connection is failing. I am also unable to access the Peplink Admin interface over the WAN, though I have also double checked that it is enabled. I also can’t ping the IP, even though I have pinging enabled.

I thought there may be an issue with the ISP connection on WAN1, but when I plug a laptop directly into the modem and configure for the static it works fine.

When I check the real-time usage reports in the Peplink, it shows lots of traffic happily passing on WAN1 from many different PCs.

I created a rule to force traffic from a certain PC to use the WAN1 port. The PC was able to access the internet fine, and when I did a search under Active Sessions, it showed ALL connections from this PC going through WAN1 as they should be. The strange thing is when I went to whatismyip.com it showed the IP of WAN2?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer as I am very confused!!


Hi nkatts,

Can you please open a ticket with us here?

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