Port Forwarding/Hotspot

A company named Helium needs me to open port 44158 inbound and outboud for my Rak Miner Hotspot. Also they have asked to open ports 22 and 443 outbound. Can someone show me a screen shot of what that would look like?

Outbound shouldn’t be blocked unless you created a rule stopping it. Inbound may be an issue depending on who your provider is. Most are using carrier grade NAT, which masks your actual address. Check the WAN IP address shown in the dashboard on the router and compare that to something like http://ipchicken.com and see if they match. If they don’t then you are behind NAT and there really isn’t a way to port forward. Verizon will give you a real IP address, but they charge $500 for the setup and a few bucks each month.