Port forwarding debugging

Hi I am having problem in port forwarding with Huawei HG8546M.

I forwarded some ports by referring to various tutorials on the internet but it is still not working.

Here is the picture of it. Everything seems to be correct but I am not able to connect to my server.

I tried to connect in many ways like:- { router ip address } { my pc public ip. from What Is My IP Address location | Find Public IPv4 or IPv6 Address}

the first two address work fine while connecting from inside the wifi network but does not work when I try to connect via another network or cellular network.

the third address does not work on any network.

I also tried configuring the ddns through noip .com following its guide but that too doesn’t work.

Your router IP is in the Carrier Grade NAT Range - it is not a public IP so you can’t send traffic to it.

The Public IP your traffic is sent through ( is your ISPs gateway/router which is blocking inbound traffic.

You’ll need to ask your ISP for a public IP, or you can host a Fusionhub Solo and use its public IP for inbound traffic (which then gets to your devices over VPN so bypasses the ISP gateway).

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