Port forwarding - Custom Ports Peplink 20

solved - i did some playing around and found a drop down box in the port forward that (port mapping) that allows you to change up the ports!

Help - I’m having trouble doing basic port forwarding? I simply want to come in from a non-standard port to hit my https server running on port 8443. I do this to avoid folks poking constantly at my server. I simply want to coming in port 59111 and have that translated to to my internal https server on my internal IP On my old router I had: Port From: 59111 IP Address: Port To: 8443. Is there a way to do this on the Peplink 20? It doesn’t appear to let you select custom ports just established protocols? I can get it to forward to but I have to come in from the outside from 8443 to 8443 - not 59111 to 8443.


Add a Port Forward rule, select Port - Port Mapping, set Service port (59111) and Map to port (8443).