Port Forwarding, cant open any ports


I have the Surf SOHO running firmware 7.1.1 build 1342.
I’ve read any and everything I can find online about port forwarding, and it seems like no matter what I change, no ports will open. I am trying to open ports for the Nintendo Switch and gaming on my computer. I have been working on this problem for about a week now and i’m close to selling it and getting a different router. Which is kind of a downer because besides this problem, I really like it.
I have an xfinitly modem/wifi router that I have put into Bridge mode(which disables the router)
I have set static ip addresses for my computer and the router
I have set inbound and outbound firewall rules to allow everything
I have port forwarding set to open all ports for TCP and UDP
I resorted to opening everything after trying to open specific ports did not work.

Any help at this point would be greatly appreciated
Thank you


Welp, I think my problem was using a port checker site to determine if I had successfully opened the ports. I hang my head in shame for not checking to see if the devices ever responded to the opened ports. Lesson learned, don’t trust the internet.


I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to do. Are you trying to initiate an outbound or inbound session? Outbound, there are no ports blocked by default in the Balance. If you’re simply running a Nintendo device on your LAN which initiates a connection to an external server, there default configuration should work fine.

I’m confused because you said 'I have port forwarding set to open all ports for TCP and UDP". Port Forwarding is an inbound function, typically for external users to connect to a specific device on your LAN. Is that what you really intend? If you really are setting up an inbound link, you have to tell the rule what the LAN destination is for those inbound ports. That involves naming a server by LAN IP, and then creating the forwarding rules. I think you are confusing firewall and port forwarding terminology.


Thank you for the reply, my main problem was that I was trying to open specific ports in the Port Forwarding settings, but whenever I would check to see if I was successful (using Portchecker.co), It would show them all being closed. So in my desperation I started opening everything I could and creating rules for firewalls and probably making things worse.

But in the end I got it working by resetting everything, staring over, and taking each step slowly.
Here is the one of the instructions I was following.


Just a chime in – I highly doubt that you need to forward ALL UDP ports (1-65555) to play the switch. In fact, by doing so, you will most likely break any other UDP traffic flows that you have. Basically, you are telling your NAT device that ALL traffic received that is UDP should go to the Nintendo. I play a lot of games on the internet and 99% of the traffic is initiated by the console and is outbound traffic. Our routers are state-full, which means any traffic associated with an existing allowed data stream will also be allowed. Were you getting errors while trying to play on the Nintendo?