Port forwarding and DMZ problem


I need help configuring port forwarding for Yaesu Wires X System Fusion which is a radio communications platform.
We use a device called an HRI-200 which requires you to setup port forwarding with a specific set of numbers.

I log into the router “pepwave BR1 MK2” and click on the advanced tab> port forwarding. I have tried multiple settings and have not had success.

  1. In port forwarding I clicked add service, typed a name, set protocol to UDP which Wires X HRI 200 uses, the dropdown box for the UDP line remains unselected, for port I chose single and typed in the port number, then under inbound I selected cellular and checked the interface ID box and for the bottom Server IP address I added the my pepwave IP address. Then I repeated the process six times.

I was able to get the HRI 200 to port check and see the ports using UDP auto conect but the final port check on the HRI 200 always fails.

There is some setting that is not allowing free flow back and forth through the ports.

Has anyone at peplink tech ever dealt with this specific technology?

What solution ideas can you suggest?




Hi Troy. I can probably help you; we have a lot of Peplink routers in front of radio equipment. I’ll send you a PM.