Port Forward with SpeedFusion Cloud & multi WAN connections Bonded for Bandwidth

I am running Max Transit Duo Router
Firmware 8.1.0 build 4943
Application is live video streaming of events.
2 sim cards for WAN connections - using SpeedFusion Cloud for Bonding / Bandwidth.
City endpoint is Amsterdam, where a commercial live streaming server is located
Works great…

On the LAN side of the router is the camera that can rtmp stream and rtmp serve.
Camera LAN IP
I can rtmp stream video out no problem.

However I want to use the PULL protocol so applications like VLC and other high volume live streaming servers can pull the rtmp stream from my camera / server.

So - I need to set up Port Forwarding - but not having any luck.

I am setting up in Advanced | Port Forwarding
Protocol TCP
Single Port - 1935
Inbound IP address -
Check boxes Cellular 1, Cellular 2, and PepVPN
Server IP address

My SpeedFusion Cloud Profile is very simple - just AMS for Cloud Location and Cell 1&2 set to Priority 1
Under Advanced | SpeedFusion - Sending all traffic to SFC-AMS

What am I missing?