Port forward different ports RDP


is it possible to come in on 1 port and forward on another.

for example in come in on 5010 and forward to 3389 (RDP)

so I can setup multiple user who can come in on a specified port but always get forwarded to there machine via ip address on port 3389.


you find your answer here

For your example it has to be like this



will have a look at it but this looks exactly what I need. Many, many thanks.

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how can I do this on a BR1 mini? Step one escapes me -
I can get to the settings for step 2 under the Advanced tab and then using the port forwarding menu selection on the left - this brings up the same dialog box.

where /how do I find the Step 1 dialog box?

Hi Sharper,

as Martin has shown you here MAX BR1 Mini - Port forwarding