Port Based VLAN Feature for Balance 710 and 380 Models

Hi Peplink support,

Understood that in firmware 6.3, there is a port based VLAN feature that is supported in the lower series of the Peplink model but not the higher ends. Wondering why is it so?

We have use case whereby endpoints ie. workstation or notebook will be directly connected to the Balance 710 and 380 Peplink routers that we have recently purchased and found out that this feature is not supported. We do not wish to configure VLAN tagging on the connected endpoints and would like the ports on the Balance 710 and 380 to be configured as access VLAN for plug and play.

Kindly look into having this feature enabled on the higher end models.



With the higher end models typically they are used with large networks. As far as managing large networks (that have multiple sub-networks) VLAN tagging is typically used as opposed to port based VLANS.

Feature request is duely noted and will definitely take this into consideration. Others that wish for this feature (port based VLANs) to be included in B380 and above, feel free to reply with a +1.

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It sounds like the B305-2500 need some port based VLAN love and the B20-310 need some SFP slot love. Just sayin :cool:


+1 from us for this.


+1 from us for this.


River Valley Cooperative



+1 over here.

Hi all,

This is in our roadmap. We target to support this in v6.4 or later. Stay tuned.

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For some reason the Max HD2 mini does not have this ability either, port based vlan. Running ver 6.3.1

Port-based Vlan is not supported by HD2 Mini at the moment. We will look into this.

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Great. I was expecting the HD2 mini to be consistent to the MaxHD2,& HD4 that do support port based VLAN. I probably would have purchased the standard MaxHD2 had I known.

+1 it will have problem in some use case if there is not port based VLAN setting. Hope can come out soon.

+1 here please


It would be nice to have the Port-Based feature available for all of the Mid-Size Business models as well.