Poor WiFi Performance with Surf SOHO Mk3 & AP One AC Mini


I have recently added an AP One AC Mini due to a weak WiFi signal in my home. I by no means an expert in networking. I used the routersecurity.org website to help in setting up my Surf SOHO. I also created some vlans to segregate wireless devices. When I added the AP One AC Mini I copied all of my settings ( username, password, vlan info, etc.) to ensure seamless transitioning between the Surf SOHO and the AP One Mini. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing weak Wifi and in some cases the signal is dropping unexpectedly. I have also noticed that a variety of my devices will connect to the Surf SOHO but reluctantly connect the the AP One Mini. I saw in the Rogue AP section of my AP One Mini that a lot of my devices are listed there. Is there a way to move them into a safe list?

Surf SOHO Mk 3 is running on 8.1.1 build 4994
AP One AC Mini is running on 3.6.2 build 1938

Any help you provide is greatly appreciated,



WiFi speed is a complicated issue as there are so so many variables. Start in the beginning and watch the router to see the signal strength it shows. If your speeds are much slower than Ethernet with a good signal (-40s or -50s) then we go one way. If the signal strength is bad (-70s) then we go another way.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for your response Michael. I am assuming the speeds you’re talking about are found when looking at the SSID signal strength of all my wireless VLANs. Those show speeds from -43 to -44. Anything that connects to the AP One Mini seems to lose its signal. When I look in the status tab of the AP One MIni I can see all of my devices listed in the rogue devices tab. I thought of adding the MAC addresses of only the devices I want to allow in each VLAN but I do not see the same tab in the Surf Soho so I refrained from doing that to avoid having different information in both the Surf SOHO and AP One Mini.

Also, on my Surf Soho in the dashboard tab I always see the that on both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks they always seem to be trying to connect. I see those spinning icons indicating an attempt to connect. To the left of that I see a blue signal strength icon that appears full for both the 2.4 and 5 Ghz networks.



Misunderstanding. The numbers in the router (Status → Client list) are a signal strength as the column heading shows. They are NOT a speed. That said, a strong signal is required for fast speeds and a signal in the minus 40s is excellent. Signal strength has nothing to do with VLANs.

I am not familiar with the AP One MIni or rogue devices.

As for the dashboard tab, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you can, include a screen shot here. That said, it sounds like you are talking about the Wifi as WAN feature. Just drag those lower to disable them, if you are not using the feature.