Poor support

I bought a peplink 210 balance. Tried up upgrade to 6.2.1 and my router froze up after 90%. I asked for help on this forum and I was told to fill out a ticket. 24 hours passed and I still no response from peplink. Mean time my business is without Internet. Support is very poor.

Hi Rollexx,

what was the ticket number you got? I can take a closer look at things.

We don’t see your support ticket in our system and you would have received an automatically generated email with a ticket number, please also check your spam folder.

Does the status light go green or is it red? If it is red please do a factory reset using a pin for 10 seconds. If it still does not turn green then this device will need to be RMA’d and replaced via the support ticket.

Good day, I am still waiting on an update about my router… AHR754347

We asked you to verify the shipping address via the ticket and I will also send you a PM.

I did verify that I mailed the fedex Tracking#807389894483

No, I meant the address for the replacement unit to be sent to. Is the Miami address correct?

yes the Miami address is correct…

Thanks, this should go out tonight and arrive in Miami on Wednesday.