POOR SERVICE/SUPPORT - Computers will not browse with my secondary ISP

[Ticket #754881] and [Ticket #755021]

Peplink Balance One
Serial Number: 192C-1773-2F42
Firmware Version: 6.2.2. build 2037

I sent the first ticket last week, the issue was not resolved with the solutions provided by the engineer that was assisting me, he never contacted me for follow up either.

I sent a second ticket yesterday in the morning and nobody has responded yet, that’s the reason why I started this thread.

[Ticket #755021]

We already have our second ISP installed at this location which is our primary ISP (ADSL) now. With this ISP we haven’t seen the issue we reported with the computers that weren’t able to browse on internet after a while…Let’s call this ISP-1.

With ONLY the ISP-2 (the one we originally reported the issue of no browsing) hooked up to the Peplink One the same behavior persists, the computers will end up not able to browse.

We set up Peplink one’s WAN ports with the settings you suggested:

  • Set MTU to Auto under WAN settings.
  • Network>WAN>Health Check Settings: Include Public DNS.

The ISP-2 itself has been fully operational at the time of these tests, how we know this? Well, we hooked up one of our laptops directly to the Motorola router/cable modem provider by this ISP.

Also we have done failover tests, where failover only works with the ISP-1.
If we manually disconnect the ISP-2, but it will not work with the ISP-2 if we disconnect the ISP-1…as expected in accordance to the issue reported.

We have invested several hours trying to resolve this issue without success, we need your help to finally resolve this issue.

The Diagnostic Report is attached.

The Peplink One Remote Access is already enabled.

Hi Vianney,

Sorry for missing the timely response to your case, we will continue to improve our support services over the time.

I believe our support team have re-visiting and handling your case now. We will keep an eye on this case to make sure it get deserved attention.

Thanks and regards.