Poor performance with AP One 300M


I’m getting really poor performance with the AP One 300M, the signal is ok when I’m close to the AP, about 4-5m away. If I go to the other side of a brick wall with a window in it, the signal drops to unusable levels, I will be only 6m away, then at 7m away the signal drops completely. Is there any way I can get better signal?



I would double check to see what the transmit power is set to as this is configurable. Both antennas attached?

You can change the Tx power on the Advanced Wireless Tab.
-Also on the same tab you will notice that there is a channel option. Ensure that this channel is not being saturated by other wireless devices.


Tx power is set to max, Country is set to UK (I think that makes a difference to Tx power?). Both antennas are attached and the channels are clear, I used a network scanner and chose a channel that is not used at all, in fact there is only one other 5 GHz network in the area, I’m not using 2.4 at all.

I can’t think of anything that would be causing interference.

I would open a support ticket here so we can dig deeper and get some more detailed information: