Policy based routing FusionHub


Is it possible to create policy based routing in fusion hub?
We have to types of sites, tank vessels and floating hotels. We need to remove unwanted traffic, and on our floating hotels we have Untangle installed to do this, but this is not an option on our tank vessels. Therefore we would like to install this in our data center where FusionHub is installed and route traffic from our tank vessels through Untangle here.
Is this possible or do we need two FusionHub installations?

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Will you be operating different policies for the Tankers and Floatels?

I think the best way to do it would be the Untangle in the data centre has all traffic run through it (so traffic from the Floatels is running through two Untangles) but exclude the subnets of the Floatels from the policies so only the traffic from the tankers is been handled

We have tried running Untangle in data centres and it was not very efficient or easy. Great for onsite but not in the cloud!

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We had been thinking about having all traffic through Untangle, but we do not prefer this even though it can be bypassed, and if possible to make policy based routing, then this would be the best solution.

The connections from out tank vessel is usual very slow VSAT links (256/128 kbps >600ms), so removing any unwanted traffic would be a benefit. When they are close to shore, then they have 3G connection, but even though this is far away from our hosting center so latency can be >400 ms.

Hi Nielsennc,

I think the main objective is to filter the traffic on tankers. May I know what type of traffic you wish to filter? Do you think our Firewall Rule and Web Blocking will help (Advanced > Firewall)?

Hi nielsennc,

Policy routing is not supported. You need to setup 2 FusionHub as you suggested.


Could be an option, but the way of doing it in Untangle is so easy and effective. It is of course bittorrent and other types of peer to peer traffic we need to remove or tarpit - on protocol level. Access to bittorrent sites is straight forward if you know the url, but this is simply a category in Untangle, and they are updating the lists behind each category.


Look like 2 x FusionHub is the option for you.