POE switch setting AP Mini as class 3 POE device


Just plugged in my Ap One mini AC into a Trendnet Edgesmart poe switch. The POE ports are set to auto, and looking at the web admin, noticed it classified it as class 3 device, instead of class 1:

The power metrics seem ok, but wondering if there is any reason for resetting it to class 1, which i understand is for 802.3af max 15.4 w …

I wouldn’t want to overload the AP Mini and burn out the electronics…

Thanks for the advice

Hi. I am not at all familiar with that switch but I can tel you you will not damage a POE device by allowing it more power than it “wants” (draws.) To over-simplify a bit, the switch will determine supply voltage (V) but it will be the AP that determines the power (W) consumed and this is based on the amperage (I) required (P=IE for a simple DC circuit as is this).


Thanks @Rick-DC

I like how the switch tells you actual power being drawn. 4w.

Still surprising how this thing gets hot even on a medium TX power setting.