Poe power supply question

I have a hd1 dome, AP one access point and a pepxim sim injector, along with a tp link tl-sf1005p Poe desktop switch.

I want to power everything through Poe.

First, will all of my peplink gear work through Poe, including the sim injector, through the tp-link switch.

Secondary, is there either a 12v or a 24v to 53.5 v DC voltage converter, as I would like to do step up/downs rather than convert to ac then back to DC for efficiency purposes.

Thank you

The sim injector outputs poe already so you don’t need the POE desktop switch.
I can power the ap and the hd1 dome.

You could try something like this:

But you really need to check your amp draw. so then use this.

That is great information about it being a POE Output. I have seen the 12v to 48v dc converter, but would 48V power this, given it is trying to get 56v input

Normal POE (802.3at) supports voltages of 44-57V (output from the POE source). You’ll need the higher voltages on the lonest runs of cable.

In most of the installs I have done with 12v - > 48V voltage boost / regulators the cable run has been less than 20m and everything has worked as expected.