PoE Port Power Cycle button/API

Hi Peplink!

We’d like a API call or a button in the web admin/incontrol to power cycle a PoE port on a router/switch. Would that be feasible?


Sound like you wish to “reboot” the PoE port. May I know disabling/re-enabling the PoE or the port can achieve the requirement? Mind sharing the used case?


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Hi TK,

Yep, we currently manually disable/re-enable PoE on the port but ideally would like to do this by API if the end device stops responding.

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There is a device API for enable/disable PoE port for device with firmware 8.1.1 or later.

POST /api/cmd.port.poe.enable
POST /api/cmd.port.poe.disable

If you want to use the device API through InControl API, you may check this endpoint
POST /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/devapi/{api}


Does this work on the SD-Switch (they have different firmware)?

If so… could we get the ability to change the VLAN on a port by API?

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Hi Bryn,

The PoE API does support SD switch devices.
There is no device API to update VLAN settings on a port, you may be able to use an Undocumented InControl API for that. Please send you request to [email protected] if you need it.


Thanks, I have sent a request through

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