PLMN list & roaming through SMS control

Hello team,

Would it be possible to add in the to be reviewed list the possibility to add or remove MCCMNC from the PLM list of cellular modems?

Even better if it could activate roaming too.

Makes sense as they already allow control of apn and user/pass. That would mean every parameter needed to establish a connection after powering the device for the first time or a full reset.



@Venn ,

Would you able to share the use case ? May i know is this because remote troubleshoot the Cell connection issue ?

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Spot on !

Some cards will not connect with a data session if we don’t force the network chosen, PLM is very useful for that.

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Suppose not the PLMN list but same like manual carrier selection using PLMN ?

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I’m not sure I understand what you propose. I f we use only force carrier, we could expose ourselves to other issues.
I was thinking something like:

Command: plmn
Syntax: <password>;plmn;<plmn>;<cellX>;<simY>;
Description: Set the PLMN for particular cellular and SIM slot
Sample usage: 1234;plmn;+20610+20601;cell2;simb;  (TO ADD)
Sample usage: 1234;plmn;-20610;cell2;simb;  (TO REMOVE)
Sample SMS reply:

Command: roaming
Syntax: <password>;roaming;<boolean>;<cellX>;<simY>;
Description: Set the roaming for particular cellular and SIM slot
Sample usage: 1234;roaming;true;cell2;simb;  
Sample SMS reply:
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Enabling and disabling roaming settings should be fine for the the SMS use case. Engineering team still considering the commands that need to be use.

For the PLMN list, Engineering team still considering the use case whether SMS is safe to work on the PLMN list. Managing a list via the a SMS potential will cause other problem when invalid or PLMN value added and in the case that you have no WebAdmin access for the device.

Based on my understanding from your request, it’s more like “Carrier Selection” in case the device is not getting connection and you not able to access the device locally, you still can send a SMS command to set the roaming carrier that well known working for that area ?

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Correct but this is the case for many many parameters in InControl or the the config, you have to know what you are doing…

How is carrier selection less risky than PLMN?

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Engineering team trying to understand the use case so that they can consider the best option for the requested feature.

For IC2 configuration, we do have mechanism to roll back the configuration.:wink:

For SMS control, it’s should be something simple instead of full list that you need to manage using the SMS. Carrier selection is more like a single PLMN code that you can define to configure the Cellular connection using the MNC/MCC defined. You can anytime to remove the settings if it’s not helping.

For PLMN list, assume you have defined 5 code for the list. Seen you have no way to access the device, how you going to verify which PLMN code defined ? It can be a risk here.