I am road warrior and I am using Plex, Media Server to access my home content from hotel rooms.
I have Peplink Balance 20 with two WANs (cable/dsl) To make it work I set up a port forwarding
on port 32400. It works great. My question is how to create a failover if one of the link goes down?
Right now if I manually disconnect WAN2 where Plex traffic goes through WAN1 never picks it up.

Hi, the Balance 20 doesn’t support the enhanced inbound load balancing features of the enterprise balance devices, so there is no easy automated way to achieve this on the B20 itself.
You have a couple of options, use a dynamic dns service and have two dns entries - one for each WAN IP (eg,, so that when the primary WAN link is unavailable you can use the 2nd dns name.

Otherwise, I would assume there would be a way to achieve this using a CDN. They are designed to support multiple server targets for a domain name, and some can prioritise one target over another to give you failover (default behaviour is round robin load balancing).