Please update Prohibited Client Access display

Three things:

  1. Add the user friendly name (from the Client List) to the display.

  2. The Prohibited Client Access display says “wifi”. If this means all wifi, it should say “All Wifi”. If it means that the client was banned from just one SSID, then that SSID should be displayed. What does it mean? I have to ask because the feature is not in the User Manual. Update: I tested it and it bans from ALL SSIDs

  3. NEW: When a banned client attempts to login please create a log entry. Either in the Firewall log or the AP log, not sure which is most appropriate.

And … after being blocked, the client still shows up in the Client List (as inactive) as shown below. I think the banned client should be deleted from the Client list. If it is felt that it should remain, then some indication of the banned status is needed.

While I agree that the more info is needed regarding the wifi status, the client list is based of the DHCP lease so the client will remain as disconnected until the DHCP lease expires so this is working as it should.

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If so, then we need an indication of the banned status. Both iOS and Android now offer two MAC addresses (real and private) and someone will surely ban one of them but not the other.

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