Please send notification when one of the SpeedFusion tunnels is down for a profile


Currently, I see the problem, that Speedfusion-tunnels on one of the WAN-interfaces are failing, but:

IC2 shows, that the tunnels are fine (as backup-WANs are in place)

Is there any possibility to monitor, if “Sub-Tunnels” are failing or that the router switches over to “higher-priority-WANs”, if WAN-alive-checks do not fail?

Thank you for your help

Can you provide a screenshot of this?



→ As the tunnel is running IC2 and all of my SNMP-checks have been positive.

Thanks for the screenshot.

Please ensure your device is running latest firmware version. If the device is running the latest firmware version, it should be caused by the UDP 4500 is dropped between WAN1 and the remote peer. Then why WAN1 is showing connected on the Dashboard? This is due to the health check for WAN1 is using ICMP, UDP 53, or HTTP, not UDP 4500.

Please find the screenshot below. You may drill down further to confirm where the UDP 4500 is dropped (between local WAN1 and remote WAN of the SpeedFusion peer).

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I am aware of the technical background, but monitoring is a problem. If a provider starts blocking 4500 UDP, i do not recogtnize it, until the other WAN connections drop.

Let me change this as a feature request for the team to take consideration.

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It would be good to have a third status for PepVPN/Speedfusion:

  • Up
  • Down
  • Degraded (some paths are not up)

But if we start, it would also be an advantage to monitor all the data of the sub-tunnels (packet-loss, latency, state)


have you setup e-mail notification on the device, I though it will alert if the vpn tunnel is down.
Other options are snmp and device api.