(Please Help!) Obtaining IP Address fail!

MAX-BR1-04C7 Model

My device randomly stopped working and now it won’t find Obtain the IP. Please help, thank you

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normally when there is a failure in obtaining the IP address, is because the APN settings are incorrect. Even the automatic ones received from the provider have issues. So I suggest to check these and enter them manually.
(see How can I Change my APN Settings? for instructions)

Once you have change the APN settings, I suggest you to reset the SIM, you can do this by simply dragging the WAN connection line from priority 1 to disabled, and once disabled drag it back to priority 1.

To find the APN, Username, password do a search on the internet for these for your carrier, very often you can find they are published somewhere. Else you will have to ask your carrier.

If you still have issues with it then I would confirm with your carrier that your SIM is allowed on a data only device (or connected device). Some carriers have restrictions on the SIM usage.

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Hello and thank you for responding. I checked that link but it appears my setting pages are different. Mine does not have the mobile section

On the Dashboard you should have a “Details” button in the cellular line of the WAN connection status

Opening that window about halfway down under cellular settings you should have entries for the APN
(note the APN settings shown here are for a Spanish carrier, you need to enter the correct one for your carrier!)

Hope this helps.


Hello, I looked up my AT&T APN and it’s still searching

If you have confirmed that your SIM card in permitted on AT&T for data only device, (especially in the US they seem to restrict where SIMS cards can be used), and even possibly tested that the SIM is working by using it on an alternative device (your phone), I’d open a ticket with peplink so that they can look into the unit.


Just curious: I’m wondering of any of the threads re “AT&T issues” here on the forum may be helpful. There has been quite a bit of discussion.


…but few helpful answers unfortunately :frowning:

I have an AT&T SIM, works great in a phone, works great in a hotspot. worked great in my MAX BR1 MK2 8.1.0 build 4941 until I hit the road. In my home state of California, it worked fine, but the first time I tried it in Nevada, I got the dreaded “Obtaining IP” - tried reboot, disable\enable, alternate APNs, none made any difference - had to switch off to another device.

Called AT&T as has also been suggested here, they had no idea - everything seems fine on their end.


You can open a support ticket to allow support team to check on this.

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I faced with similar issue, tnx for recommendations!

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