Please Help! New user trying to use Visible SIM

I have purchased a bundle from MMH with a Max Transit Pro Dual Modem (Cat-7/Cat-12). I have successfully got Visible to work in the Cat-7 modem, but when trying in the Cat-12 modem, it hangs on “Connecting…”. I’m looking for advice/suggestions/tips/tricks/configs/settings/etc., any help anyone could provide!

Thanks in advance

The most common cause for that is a mis-set APN but there can be other causes. MMH should be your first stop for the resolution of this. Peplink Partners are required to provide first level support.

Yeah, I’ve verified that the APN is correct. Like I said, it works perfectly on the CAT-7 modem, but I would like to see if I can get this working on the CAT-12 modem. I have submitted a support ticket with MMH, but no response yet. Thanks for your reply!