Please help me reset factory Peblink 310

Hi Everybody,
My name is Erich, my company using Peblink 310, today it notice: An error occurred while reading CGI reply(no respone received).
I had pressed and kept button reset more 10s but led status not blink, and now it not working, i had access ip but didn’t access.
Please help me handly it.
Thank you very much.

May I know the status LED is green or red? If it is green, press and hold the reset button more than 20 seconds and you should be able to reset the Balance 310. If it is red, RMA is needed.

Hope this helps.

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Hi TK_Liew,
Thank you so much for your support, I had pressed and hold the reset button more than 20 second and LED status is green. I had used cable network RJ45 forbidden into LAN port but I’m not login by IP:
I hope recieved your response help soon.

Please help to open a ticket. I believe RMA is needed if your Balance 310 is still under warranty.

Hi TK_Liew,
My device was expired warrenty, so thank you very much for your help me.