Please consider this adding on your pipeline because it is now more used now a days

Hi peplink can you please consider adding SSL VPN (remote access) on remote user access setting as for now on peplink we only have L2TP and PPTP remote vpn please consider this, I have attached some pictures for reference :slight_smile: hope you will grant this soon . it is really necessary when doing application vpn thank you much!:slight_smile:

+1 as always on this.

Thank you for this valuable feedback. Ideally, are you looking for a device that could handle many VPN clients such as an SSL VPN concentrator?


This would be nice such as the SonicWall Global VPN (Concentrator) or an SSL client that can offset the workload from the Peplink itself. Coupled with you guys coming out with the zoning feature this would be amazing I know for us as we have more control and can implement better security without having to use another device to do this such as a SonicWall or Fortinet device.

Also, some places such as hotels and what have you block IPSec and is resolved with SSL VPN. It also just makes life easier when you have to manage hundreds if not thousands of mobile devices.

I know the community asks for quite a bit on here and I get you can’t have it all but if I were to pick between MOS scoring, or more security I would go more security and control if it came down to it.


yes Ron because we have different branches and where using application vpn we have explored peplink and it is capable of this application vpn through that but only for PPTP and L2tp only so if you will consider this adding on your pipeline this SSL vpn thing it would be much faster and efficient when doing file sharing do you think?:slight_smile: it its more secured